The Immigration Maze


Peter Brimelow joins Richard to discuss the recent push for immigration by the Republican Party, as well as the political maze of the American immigration debate. Will mass immigration ultimately topple the American empire—and thus undermine the power of the pro-immigration establishment?

Richard Spencer, “Choosing Limbo
Peter Brimelow, “When The Irresistible Dollar Meets The Immovable Patriot, What Happens May Be A New Party
Steve Sailer, “The Diversity Depression
Mark Zuckerberg’s
Mark Zucker = Lex Luthor?
Sheldon Adelson
Peter Brimelow, “Time to Rethink Immigration?” (1992)
Scott McConnell’s “Immigrants Against Empire
Spencer, “Immigration—Ruined By Its Success?"

Crossing the Rubicon

Roman Bernard and Richard Spencer

Roman Bernard and Richard Spencer

Roman Bernard and John Morgan join Richard to discuss NPI’s national conference, After the Fall: The Future of Identity, which took place in Washington, DC, on October 26, 2013. They discuss many themes from the conference, as well as the importance of breaking out of the box of mainstream “conservatism.”


John Morgan’s report from Counter-Currents

Decadence and Decline


Paul Gottfried, professor at Elizabethtown College and author of Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt, joins Richard to preview the upcoming HL Mencken Club conference and discuss both the idea of "decadence" (cultural, moral, biological) and William F. Buckley's "Great Purge" of the most interesting minds of the conservative movement.   


The HL Mencken Club
Truman Capote's Black-and-White Ball 


Syria and the End of U.S. Hegemony

John Kerry.jpg

Manuel Ochsenreiter joins Richard to discuss the ongoing crisis in Syria, particularly the motivations of the key players: Obama, Putin, Kerry, and the Israel Lobby. They also speculate on whether the Syrian crisis might mark the end of Washington's undisputed global hegemony, and the beginning of multipolarity. (Also, don't miss news of Richard's plan to become a lesbian blogger in order to manipulate the German government.)


Manuel Ochsenreiter's official blog
Ochsenreiter's interview with Alexandr Dugin
Vladimir Putin's New York Times op-ed
The story of "Gay Girl in Damascus

The Opium of the Masses

The recent "N Word" controversy in the National Football League underscores many unspoken anxieties in contemporary sports; these include the dominance of African-Americans in America's pastime, as well as the degree to which national and regional identities are defined by teams comprised of thugs and criminals. Andy, Colin, and Richard discuss race and sports.


The Riley Cooper Controversy
Greg Johnson, "The Nigger Word"
The anti-racist passion of Skip Bayless
Denzel Washington utters the N-Word on Letterman
Hillsday College President utters "dark ones"
John Rocker controversy
Caste Football
Affirmative-Action in South African Rugby
Alternative Right, Football: Opium of the Masses"White Fans/Black Athletes"

Jack Hunter—Playing the Game

Richard Spencer discusses the “Southern Avenger” racism scandal—and the revelation that Jack Hunter used to be an interesting political commentator.

When apologizing for Rand Paul’s non-libertarian foreign-policy statements, Hunter claimed that Paul was just “playing the game.” Paul’s and Hunter’s political trajectory demonstrate the ineffectualness and meaningless of such a strategy.



Paul Gottfried joins Richard Spencer to discuss the trajectory of the "paleoconservatives"—from a hastily assembled counter-attack to neocon ascendency in the mid-'90s to the movement's current manifestations in Chronicles and The American Conservative magazines.   


A Paleo Epitaph
Modern Age
Mark Henrie
William Rusher
Rockford Institute
Thomas Di Lorenzo makes the case for Lincoln
The Ron Paul newsletters