A White Society -- How We Can Get There

A White Society: How We Can Get There from The National Policy Institute on Vimeo.

In “How We Can Get There,” Jared Taylor sets out to answer a simple, yet far-reaching and perplexing, question—“How can we build a White society, one that reflects the values and traditions of our people?” In the context of a world informed by multiculturalism, “anti-discrimination” legislation, and White guilt, such a task is daunting to say the least. Indeed, many nationalists have been driven to despair…

But Taylor looks with a critical eye on those who think that the White Man will only “wake up” after a terrifying economic collapse or social calamity. Instead, Taylor counsels that the way forward to a self-consciously White society is through the creation of smaller self-consciously White communities. Though there are certainly obstacles in our path, European-American communities can be organized in ways that are legal, moral, and, most important, effective.