Announcing The Conspiracy

NPI would like to invite you to join The Conspiracy, a private and discreet social network for members of The Sam Francis Circle.

This is what it's all about.

When people first began think about the web some two decades ago, it was often described as ushering in a new era of global interconnectivity, complete transparency, and the melding of private life and digital media.

Barriers will be broken! Walls will come down! Borders will be crossed!

Well, certain aspects of this grand vision have become reality. But it’s important to remember that many people—particularly people of quality—don’t want to be connected to everyone else on the planet—or more accurately, they don’t want everyone else on the planet to be connected to them.

People of quality don’t want to drown in tweets about what some person had for breakfast; they don’t want to take part in conversations in little boxes where every other word is LOL. This kind of “global village” is, indeed, a nightmare.

And it’s worth pointing out that the most frequently voiced criticisms and worries about sites like Facebook are not about design or even the ads—they’re about privacy and discretion. There is a widespread fear—quite justified, in my opinion—that the Googles and Facebooks of the world are giving away private information to advertisers, perhaps even to governments. And for us dissidents, matters like security aren’t merely theoretical. There are now countless examples of our enemies using Facebook as a means of digging up dirt on our movement, or simply keeping tabs on our activities. More recently, hackers, operating under the banner of “Anonymous,” have successfully broken into sites they deem “fascist,” stolen private information, and generally embarrassed the proprietors.

We need to get serious about this security.

And on cultural level, we should also lament the fact that social networking has inspired a dumbing-down and vulgarization of discourse. Conversations on Twitter are reduced to 134 characters; in the case of Facebook, snarky one-liners are just about all one can fit into the text boxes.

We should be having real conversations, and not just engaging in blather

For all these reasons, and others, we’ve built The Conspiracy.

The Conspiracy is not really meant to replace Facebook, Twitter, and the like. It’s based on a different paradigm and will function independently of these sites.

Similarly, The Conspiracy is not for everyone; indeed, very few people will ever learn of its existence.

The Conspiracy will function like a private club. One must be invited into the organization, and if we find any person to be abusive, childish, or otherwise annoying, we’ll simply kick them out.

The Conspiracy is only open to those who are members of the Sam Francis circle—that is, those who’ve made an annual donation that supports NPI, Washington Summit, AltRight, and related groups.

To all others, The Conspiracy will forever be shrouded in mystery, rumor, and misinformation.

At the least, the site will be closed off and password-protected from those who aren’t invited; it will be entirely encrypted and hosted on a secure server. Put simply, The Conspiracy will be as hack-proof as possible.

Beyond security, The Conspiracy will bring a new level of refinement to social networking.

The Conspiracy doesn’t just function like a private club; it feels like a private club. There will be no comment boxes, but instead expansive writing spaces, which include word-processing functions as well as ways to embed videos. Again, this is not about 134-character Lulz. It’s about engaging with our equals.

The centerpiece of the homepage is a sharing function that helps you start conversations, based on topics or important articles and videos. Our hope is that we’ll create threads worth returning to and that The Conspiracy will become a kind of encyclopedia of how the best minds in our movement think about various subjects.

And it’s worth pointing out that a portion of Sam Francis Circle revenue will go to our site’s developer, who will continue to revise and improve The Conspiracy as the years go by. The Conspiracy’s limited membership will be one of its great assets, as our developer will take feedback and ensure that the site evolves. We actually have plans for future functionality that would help us create events and meet one another in the real world.

In conclusion, The Conspiracy will be ours—and it will be for us alone.

I hope you decide to join!