Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now from The National Policy Institute on Vimeo.

The era of mass immigration into Western countries coincided with stunning advances in consumer capitalism, technology, and access to higher eduction. As Richard Spencer, NPI’s Executive Director, explains, the result was that in the public’s imagination, multiculturalism was linked (however irrationally) with increased living standards and general “progress.”

But Spencer demonstrates that this link is breaking down—indeed, we are at a point of seismic rupture in social mood, when credit-boom lifestyles can no longer be maintained and the chickens of non-White immigration are coming home to roost.

History has no guarantees, but Spencer argues that racialists are well positioned to take advantage of this world-historical turning point, because only racialists fully understand the importance of human differences. It was, in this way, the out-of-season Enoch Powell—and not his “conservative” allies—who fully understood the implications of mass non-White immigration into Britain in the ‘60s.

Drawing on political theory as well as popular-culture imagery, Spencer stresses that the collapse of the postwar multiculti paradigm is real; to take advantage, the watchword for nationalists should be “What Would Enoch Do?”