Opportunity Smears [Support]

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Though it might sound surreal, for 10 minutes on Thursday night, The National Policy Institute ruled the airwaves of MSNBC. We were able to broadcast our message to millions. You can watch it all here.

In case you haven't heard, I got pulled into a DC race scandal involving former Heritage Foundation scholar Jason Richwine. Richwine had recently co-authored a study of the social costs of granting citizenship to illegal aliens (6.3 trillion was the estimate), and the usual suspects decided he was ripe for a smear—which eventually included linking him to yours truly. I had previously published Jason, and many of his writings were informed by the studies of race differences in intelligence produced by our books wing, Washington Summit Publishers.

// I've laid out the details of the scandal here, here, and here. //

What's ironic about Maddow's "point and sputter" journalism is that in order to invite her viewers to indulge in outrage, she played long, uninterrupted segments of our promotional video.  No doubt, many viewers were outraged; no doubt, as well, many found our message attractive and inspiring!

However unwittingly, Rachel Maddow has dramatically raised NPI's profile.

This is an opportunity!

2013 is already set to be an excellent year for NPI and WSP, with some fantastic book projects, including Radix, a history of science by Michael Hart, a revised edition of Richard Lynn's Race Differences in Intelligence, a volume on the economic depression, and more.

We need to make 2013 even better by holding a national leadership conference in Washington, DC—one that surpasses our 2011 event. (Video of our last conference are available to stream for free here.)

NPI has a real chance to become the organization we want and deserve: no more proxies, no more compromises, no more piggy-backing on the so-called "conservative" movement, which has proven itself, once again, to be a gaggle of weaklings and traitors.

We need a real nationalist movement!

And this can only arise with your help.

For so long, many patrons in our sphere have spent their limited resources supporting supposedly "pragmatic" conservatives . . .

What do we have to show for it?  Absolutely nothing.

Instead, we need to support the things we really care about.  We need to support groups—like NPI and WSP—that fight for our Our People, Our Culture, and Our Future.

NPI and WSP published the books that are now classic examinations of race and intelligence: The Global Bell Curve and Race Differences in Intelligence among them. If we left it up to Beltway "conservatives," these volumes wouldn't exist.

It's time to join us!