Response to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Everyone involved with the organization of The European Congress can only express disappointment and puzzlement at the recent press release issued by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade regarding our upcoming conference, which will take place on October 3-5.

We consider ourselves to be visitors in Budapest and Hungary. As such, we will obey the laws of the land. Though some might disagree with opinions that are voiced at our event, nothing about the conference violates Hungarian law. It is important to remember that The European Congress is a forum for ideas: we will offer the opportunity for Hungarians, and others from around the world, to discuss culture, society, geopolitics, and the future of Europe. This kind of free expression is explicitly protected by Hungary’s recently enacted constitution. Our fear is that much about the event might have been “lost in translation” or, worse, that the Ministry is responding to untruthful messages sent by those who oppose the Congress, as well as the the very notion of traditional European Identity.