Crimes and Mistakes

Putting aside the spineless of Jim DeMint's firing of Jason Richwine, The Heritage Foundation's president has willfully mutilated his organization's economic case against mass immigration and may very well have seriously damaged the prospect of defeating the Gang of 8's amnesty proposal. James Kirkpatrick:

By even allowing Richwine to resign, the Heritage Foundation confirms what leftists think about conservatives. They are all racist, but only insofar as no one points it out. Once they are identified, they run for cover, because they do not have the actual courage of their convictions. Simultaneously immoral and cowardly, hateful and hypocritical, conservatives are small, selfish, petty men. Luckily, they can be stopped – through force, intimidation, and mob tactics, which break them every single time.

So Richwine has been sacrificed, pour encourager les autres. Does anyone believe this will help the Heritage Foundation? Does anyone believe it will make the immigration study be taken more seriously? Does anyone think this will enhance the reputation of the institution?

Conservatism Inc. is not made up of shameless, deracinated political hacks. I desperately wish they were. They are simply bad at politics. They are not even intellectually capable of imagining an alternative to defeat.