The Corrosion of Multiculturalism: Woolwich and Stockholm

The recent events in London demonstrated for all the world that multiculturalism utterly failed as social policy. Instead of happy-clappy Kumbayas and hugs all around, a young Briton lost his life to a cleaver-wielding savage in hoodie and designer jeans. The multi-hued rainbow instantly transformed into a crimson spurt of blood splashing the faces of onlookers. It isn't every day that London witnesses a Grand Guignol revival and I fear there will be many more encore performances. What proved so damning about the Woolwich atrocity was that both African attackers were born and raised in Britain. As home-grown terrorists, they despised the country which gave them a standard of living almost unknown to natives of Lagos. Choosing to embrace radical Islam and despise British institutions, they specifically targeted a young British soldier and gorily murdered him. First hitting him with their automobile, the attackers then hacked his body until it resembled one open wound. Then, they decapitated him while screaming Allahu Akbar towards CCTV cameras and horrified onlookers.

Once finished with their murder, one killer walked toward a courageous mother filming the event on her camera phone. Speaking with a bloodied knife in his hand, Michael Adebolajo defended his murder of Drummer Lee Rigby with the Deuteronomic injunction of 'an eye for an eye'. Incandescent with rage at British actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Adebolajo sought to frighten ordinary Britons into demanding withdrawal from the Middle East. Ultimately, all this nonentity immediately accomplished was to create a widow and a fatherless child.

Predictably, 'British' Muslims closed ranks and condemned the killings as unjustifiable and anti-Islamic. Posturing and chagrined that anyone would question their patriotism, they parroted shop-worn banalities such as 'Islam is a religion of peace' and 'Jihad refers only to an inner struggle of the soul.' This may well suffice for now as Muslims are still a distinct minority within the UK. However, creeping dhimmitude and the encroachment of Sharia law means that their influence will continue to grow in Great Britain. Emboldened by demographic strength, they will reorient British social values to fit their own.

As Enoch Powell predicted over four decades ago, these multicultural communities constitute alien wedges within British cities. The Toxteth and Brixton riots simply prefaced Bradford and Oldham, the 2011 London riots and this recent horror show. Despite having been born in the United Kingdom, both killers never identified with its culture. Associating with radical, anti-Western Shia clerics, they chose a path ending in butcher knives and evisceration.

London will continue to witness such atrocities as Britain is inundated by repeated waves of immigration. Parallel to Woolwich, the recent riots in Stockholm only confirmed multiculturalism as national suicide. Swedes under Olaf Palme once prided themselves on their internationalist, multilateralist commitment to global betterment. Frequently hectoring the United States on its 'backwards' approach and funneling money to the African National Congress, Palme sought to showcase Sweden as a tolerant, harmonious nation ready to welcome outsiders.

They did and the result exploded last week in an inferno of burning cars and broken gas lines and immolated shops.

The wreckage and violence witnessed in Stockholm's neighborhoods are immediate, incontrovertible arguments against the piebald society. Currently, Sweden's far-right National Democrat Party offers serious solutions to the problems of mass immigration and social implosion. I predict that many ordinary Swedes will flock to their banner in the weeks ahead.

It is increasingly obvious that European elites face a crisis of legitimacy. Populist parties such as UKIP, Front National and the National Democrats attract increasing numbers of people deeply disaffected from mainstream politics. Whether such parties can attain power will be proven in the coming years. In the meanwhile, I urge all those disaffected by multiculturalism and its resulting anomie to organize themselves. You have a future to build for your heirs; one preferably without burkhas!